1. What is the relationship between CUHK and CUHK-Shenzhen?

CUHK-Shenzhen follows the same tradition and academic standard as CUHK, operating under a “one brand, two campuses” philosophy. CUHK-Shenzhen conforms to the standards of CUHK for professional establishment, curriculum outlines and recruiting leading academic staffs. The degree certificate is issued by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our degree is recognized by the ministry of education, which can be certified in the Ministry of Education Service Centre.

2. Both CUHK and CUHK-Shenzhen have MSc Accounting Programme, what is the difference?

Students will need to obtain a student visa when studying in CUHK, they can remain in Hong Kong to find employment after graduation. CUHK-Shenzhen aims to cultivate accounting professionals to work in Shenzhen and other cities in Mainland China. The curriculum of MSc Accounting Programme at CUHK-Shenzhen introduced 2 concentrations, Professional Accounting and Accounting Analytics. Students may declare the concentration(s) as long as they fulfill the necessary course requirements. For more detailed information, please visit our website on curriculum section.

Please note that CUHK-Shenzhen adopts the same teaching and learning standards as CUHK in terms of academic staff recruitment, curriculum, teaching materials and so on.

3. Will the school find internship or employment for students?

The school will not find internship or employment for students, but it will provide internship and employment opportunities. MSc Accounting has a course where professional practitioners give lectures, assist students to complete a real business project, give students guidance and advise on how and what to look for in an employment after graduation. During the course of your study, the school will also invite HR from firms in the finance and accounting field to host small recruitment fairs to share valuable career advice.   

4. Do I need to provide the result from the National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate (NEEP) when applying to the MSc in Accounting Programme?

MSc in Accounting Programme adopts online application system as general western universities, applicants are not required to take and provide the test result of ‘the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination (NEEP)’ to apply to The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Our university joins to no internal major transfer system.

5. Does MSc in Accounting Programme offer scholarship?

Yes, we offer two types of scholarships. Merit-based Entrance Scholarships are granted to qualified candidates who may receive tuition waiver ranging from 5% to 100%. Scholarships for Academic Performance Excellence will be awarded to students with outstanding academic performance.

6. What is the total tuition fee and when should I make the payment?

The tuition fee for the entire programme (2020 entry) is RMB 216, 000 paid separately in 3 installments. First installment is RMB 43,200 (deposit), second installment is RMB 86,400 paid at the start of term 1 in September, third installment is RMB 86,400 paid at the start of term 2 in January the following year.  

7. Will book costs be included in the tuition?

It is not included. You will need to pay for your own books and other supplies.

8. Will the school provide student accommodation?

Yes. Postgraduate students will live in 3-bedroom accommodations, it will cost RMB 2,000-3,000 per year, please refer to the University Policy for actual accommodation cost.  

9. What is the difference between the MSc Accounting Programme at your University in comparison with accounting programmes at other universities?

Our focus is not only to provide students with comprehensive training that combines professional accounting knowledge and skills for technical problem-solving, but also on problem-framing, so students can learn to ask the right questions and think strategically.

10. What is the instruction language of your programme?

English is the main language of instruction. However, since we will invite lecturers from the industry, some lectures and practitioner workshops will be conducted in Chinese.


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