1. What is the relationship between CUHK and CUHK-Shenzhen?

CUHK-Shenzhen follows the same tradition and academic standard as CUHK, operating under a “one brand, two campuses” philosophy. CUHK-Shenzhen conforms to the standards of CUHK for professional establishment, curriculum outlines and recruiting leading academic staffs. The degree certificate is issued by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our degree is recognized by the ministry of education, which can be certified in the Ministry of Education Service Centre.

2. Do I need to provide the result from the National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate (NEEP) when applying to the MSc in Accounting Programme?

MSc in Accounting Programme adopts online application system as general western universities, applicants are not required to take and provide the test result of ‘the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination (NEEP)’ to apply to The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Our university joins to no internal major transfer system.

3. Are there any limitations to applicant’s academic background?

MSc in Accounting Programme DOES NOT require applicants to have a background in accounting. According to our historical data, from year 2017 to 2020, 10-15% of our admitted students come from none accounting majors, and there is an increasing number of applicants from none accounting majors.

4. What is the admission requirement for GPA?

Our entry requirement on cumulative GPA is not lower than 80 (out of 100), 3.0 (out of 4.0), letter grade of B. If your grading system is different to the grading system mentioned above, please ask the Academic Affairs Office from your undergraduate/postgraduate university to provide the official grading system.

5. Can I submit a valid English Proficiency or any missing admission document(s) later in the admission process?

Applicants may submit a valid English proficiency later, no later than admission deadline, June 15, 2020. After the admission interview, a conditional offer will be issued to candidates with no valid English proficiency.

Please visit our Programme website to see what required documents are needed for admission to our programme. If you were unable to upload any required documents into the Online Application System, you may email us any missing or additional documents via MSAcct@cuhk.edu.cn. Please state your name and application number clearly when emailing us.    

6. Is there any requirement for reference letter and my referrer?

The referrers should be professors who have taught you during your undergraduate studies. If you have full-time job experience for more than one year, you may also ask your former supervisor to be your referrer.

7. After submitting the application online, when should applicants be expecting to receive notice on interview arrangements?

Applicants shall apply to our Programme through the Online Application Platform. If you did not receive any interview invitation in 2 months of your application date after submitting all the required application materials, you may deem your application is unsuccessful.

8. For none accounting background applicants, will accounting related questions be asked during the admission interview?

For none accounting background applicants with little experience in any professional accounting qualifications eg. ACCA/CPA or accounting related courses, interviewers may ask some business related questions (liberal arts background applicants), or statistic/probability related questions (science and engineering applicants), or academic questions related to the applicant’s undergraduate majors.

9. After the admission interview, when should applicants be expecting to receive an admission decision?

After the admission interview, unconditional/conditional offers will be sent within 20 working days to qualified candidates.

11. What are the characteristics that the programme is looking for in a potential candidate?

First of all, the programme is looking for applicants with strong interest in accounting and business related fields. Secondly, we wish to admit those applicants who are willing to actively engage in the classrooms, academic and social activities, independent and be able to think critically, have good team spirit, and able to analyze problems dialectically. 


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