• Wei, XIONG

    Title: Academic Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute; Professor (Princeton University)

    Email: wxiong@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Cong, WANG

    Title: Presidential Chair Professor; Master of Shaw College; Associate Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute, Director of MSc in Business Management Programme, Director of the Center for Corporate Governance and Employee Ownership

    Email: wangcong@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Bohui, ZHANG

    Title: Executive Associate Dean of School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen, Presidential Chair Professor; Director of the Center for FinTech and Social Finance, Co-director of MSc in Data Science Programme, Shenzhen Finance Institute

    Email: bohuizhang@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Tianyu, ZHANG

    Title: Director of the Center for Institutions and Capital Market, Director of MSc in Accounting Program, Shenzhen Finance Institute, Professor

    Email: tyzhang@cuhk.edu.hk

  • Bin, MIAO

    Title: Associate Professor

    Email: miaobin@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Rui, SHEN

    Title: Associate Professor

    Email: ruishen@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Simon, LEE

    Title: Co-director, International Business and Chinese Enterprise Programme; Senior Lecturer at CUHK

    Email: splee@baf.cuhk.edu.hk

  • Hugh, THOMAS

    Title: Associate Professor

    Email: hughthomas@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Yi, CAO

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: caoyi@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Taeho, KO

    Title: Assistant Professor

  • Yufei, LIN

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: linyufei@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Zhuang, LIU

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: zhuangliu@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Na, LIU

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: liuna@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Jong Han, PARK

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: parkjonghan@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Xiaoqiao, WANG

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: xiaoqiaowang@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Yakun, WANG

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: wangyakun@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Shijie, YANG

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: sjyang@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Yifei, LU

    Title: Lecturer

    Email: luyifei@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Wai Pong, TSANG (Wilburn)

    Title: Executive Director of MSc in Accounting program, Shenzhen Finance Institute, Lecturer

    Email: wilburntsang@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Ho Yin, WONG (William)

    Title: Lecturer

    Email: hoyinwong@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Wen, ZHANG

    Title: Lecturer

    Email: zhangwen@cuhk.edu.cn

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